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The Killers
Don't Shoot Me Santa

A little music video we made for the great Killers song, Don't Shoot Me Santa. This guy kills some people who bully him and make fun of him so Santa comes and punishes him. Sorry for the terrible lip syncing and the cheap pound shop Santa suit.

Thanks to Oliver who helped us out on this one.

Lazlo Bane
 Scene Of The Crime

Our music video to Lazlo Banes song "Scene Of The Crime" on their album All The Time In The World. It's about a detective trying to catch a notorious female serial killer ( i think both the song and our video are based on Belle Gunnes, a female American serial killer from the 1900s We tried to make it in the style of 'film noir'. Enjoy.

Little Eskimos

This was something we helped make at a workshop with the BBC blast.

Propane Nightmares

Not all that much of a plot to this one. Guy gets followed everywhere by a bunch of masked people. Sort of scary, masks etc. We got some awful looks doing this.  Thanks to Josh and Lanky.

Fountains Of Wayne
Hey Julie

A fun little video we made for Hey Julie. Yeah we know it's pretty gay, but we justified it with the wig. Which by the way looks well hot on sam.

Lazlo Bane (Gilbert O'Sulivan)
Alone Again

Chad from Lazlo Bane suggested we made a music video for this. So we did. He quoted
"Another brilliant work by Clay Cow! Lazlo Bane salutes you!!!! Thanks guys!!!"

Jay Clifford

Know When to Walk Away


The offical music video for Jay Cliffords "Know When to Walk Away". And we're in it :D

Jay Clifford
Know When to Walk Away

Our video entry to Zach Braffs music video competition for this song. The winners video's were all edited into the offical video, and we were one of them so an extract from our video is in the offical video. Pretty awesome!

Scrubs in Clay, with Colin Hay

An animated clip of a bit from scrubs. I love the scrubs clip, but ours is not so good.

 Don't Stop Believing

This video was thought up when Fraser said

"hey you know what would be funny, if we went around shops dancing to journey"

So thus was our video born.

Quoted by comedian Dylan Morran to be "moving". God knows why, it's terrible but still, nice to know he said it.

Andrew Gold, covered by Lazlo Bane Lonely Boy

This is our first ever non stopmotion, 'real time' video. It'ts done with a lot of green screening and the people playing music don't seem to be playing the same song. Its pretty bad but still...30,000 views is not bad.

Scrubs in Clay, "My Musical"

Again made by me, Fraser. I love Scrubs, so I made an animated version of it. The episode is really awesome and I hope this video does it justice.

Lazlo Bane
 In Clay

This is a Technocow production as it was made by Fraser. Chad from Lazlo Bane quoted it as "Brilliant!!!! Best Lazlo video ever!!"

This is sort of our first 'good' video. It set the bench mark for the next video we made.

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